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A Century of HELP for every child, STRENGTH for every family, HOPE for every community.


The Village of Boys Town, incorporated as a Nebraska municipality in 1936, has its own police and fire departments, schools, churches, post office and ball fields — along with numerous historic venues. At any given time, about 400 boys and girls live in the Village, receiving care in dozens of single-family homes — typically eight kids to a residence. They live with a married Family-Teaching Couple® who cares for them and teaches them life skills in the Boys Town Family Home ProgramSM. In this community of hope, boys and girls change their lives and prepare to go out into the world as confident people of good character. Boys Town services touch the lives of nearly 150,000 children and families in the region each year.

The Village also serves as our national headquarters, as well as the headquarters for Boys Town Nebraska — our flagship region. It is the center of research and program development and the organization’s administrative and financial activities. The Boys Town National Research Hospital's® West Omaha facility, with clinics that provide a variety of medical and child treatment services, is also located at the Village.

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Central & Western Nebraska

Boys Town Nebraska originally opened our Grand Island location in 1989 to help bring effective care to children and families in Central Nebraska. Currently our Grand Island location provides several important levels of service from the Integrated Continuum of CareSM. One is our Intervention and Assessment ServicesSM, which provides a skill-focused behavioral assessment and emergency short-term residential care for girls and boys in crisis. Another is our Behavior Outpatient Clinic, which offers family and individual therapy to children of all ages who have emotional or behavioral problems. 

Boys Town's Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

The Boys Town Residential Treatment Center is changing the lives of children ages 5 to 18 who have severe behavioral and mental health problems through a proven medically-directed treatment program. Our goal is to help children gain the self-assurance and academic and social skills to succeed in life.

The Residential Treatment Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital® is part of the nationally recognized Boys Town Integrated Continuum of CareSM. The Center is licensed by the Nebraska Department of Health and accredited by The Joint Commission.

Our treatment program is specifically designed to offer medically-directed care for more seriously troubled youth who require supervision, safety and therapy but do not require inpatient psychiatric care. The program offers around-the-clock supervision, locked facilities and numerous other safety and program features.

Boys Town Intervention and Assessment Services

Boys Town Intervention and Assessment Services provides care for abused, neglected, runaway and delinquent youth of all ages by removing them from dangerous situations, assessing their needs and beginning to work toward family reunification or other permanent care. These children may be referred by juvenile justice representatives or by child welfare agencies that have removed the children from their homes or have taken responsibility for their well-being. The average length of stay for children is 30 days. When children leave, they may move to another program in the Boys Town Integrated Continuum of CareSM, other outside programs or return home to their families.*

* In some cases, children return home, if it is safe and in their best interest. A focus of Boys Town’s programs is the reunification of children with their families.

Boys Town Family Home Program

The Boys Town Family Home Program located at our Headquarters in Boys Town, NE provides life-changing care for hundreds of children ages 10 to 18. On our square mile campus there are 60 single-family homes in which six to eight boys or girls live with a married couple called Family-Teachers®. Many of these children have serious emotional and behavioral problems. They have not been able to stay in their own family’s home but can function safely in a community setting. Family-Teachers and Assistant Family-Teachers (who help care for youth in Family Homes) provide compassionate, effective care while meeting the daily needs of each child. During their stay, children learn social skills, attend our Boys Town School, participate in extracurricular activities and take part in daily chores and activities as members of their Boys Town family. The ultimate goal is to reunify children with their families, whenever possible. These children come to the program from other Boys Town programs, through referrals by agencies like social services and juvenile justice, or through private placements by parents or other caregivers. The average length of stay is 12 to 18 months. When children leave, they generally return to their families or begin to live on their own (usually working, attending college or joining the military).*

Boys Town Foster Family Services

Families in our community have always shown such wonderful support for Boys Town and its mission. Becoming a Foster Parent is another way families can offer their heart and their home to help a child in need and create healing for them and their family...”
— Bob Pick, Vice President, Boys Town Nebraska

Each day, children in Nebraska are victims of abuse and neglect. They encounter dangerous living conditions at home, financial problems and even the lingering effects of natural disasters, leaving them in need of a safe place to live. Boys Town Foster Family Services® gives these children a safe home with a family that can provide compassion, guidance and comfort.

Boys Town Foster Family Services® features Foster Parents, trained and supported by Boys Town, who open up their homes in the community to children who need a safe place to live. While providing a caring family, Foster Parents work to reunify children with their parents or other caregivers, whenever possible. These children come to the program through referrals from other agencies like social services or other Boys Town programs, or “step down” from residential and hospital settings to foster care as part of a transition back into their communities. The length of stay varies, depending on a child’s needs. When they leave, these children return home or, when that is not possible, are adopted or placed in another more permanent home.

Boys Town In-Home Family Services

Parents belong with their children. At Boys Town, we believe that it should be the goal of every family and child care organization to keep children in their home or reunite them with their family whenever possible.

In fact, through our In-Home Family ServicesSM we can help teach families not only how to handle issues after they arise but also how to prevent them from becoming more disruptive. The result: a less traumatic experience for parents and children and more cost-effective, high-value care that aids state governments and society as a whole.

A Commitment to Compassionate Care: In-Home Family Services

At the core of our efforts lies our highly trained Family Consultants. These individuals aid families who are struggling with a variety of challenges from economic hardship, substance abuse, marital issues, family conflicts and others by giving them the parenting skills they need to regain control over their lives.

Working with our Family Consultants, family members learn how to create a safe, nurturing home for children, and how to use resources in the community to help them solve problems on their own. Our Consultants are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide support and assistance. The length and intensity of services depends upon a family’s needs and the specific situation.

The Challenge

Child and family care is managed at the state level, and there are numerous challenges that make it difficult to fund these efforts. Nonetheless, Boys Town is working to spread this approach to care throughout the country. We work closely with state governments to help serve parents, families and children who have entered “the system” and work to deliver them the services they need by remaining a family, in their own homes.

We are growing our evidence-base for our In-Home Family Services program with the Boys Town National Research InstituteSM, a department of Boys Town dedicated entirely to researching our programs effectiveness on families’ toughest problems. Follow-up studies of Boys Town’s In-Home Family ServicesSM show that, after they received Boys Town’s help, 91% of the families stayed together, 92% of the kids in the families were attending school, and 96% reported that Boys Town had a positive impact on their family.

When the family stays together, a child’s success increases dramatically. The child is more focused in school because home is stable and safe. That’s because mom and dad are practicing the skills our Family Consultants taught them and have support whenever they need it. They know they have the power to provide and protect their family.

National Hotline

Over the past 20 years, the Boys Town National Hotline® (1-800-448-3000) is a free resource and counseling service that has helped more than 8 million teens, parents and families. The Boys Town National Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and staffed by specially trained Boys Town counselors. The hotline receives about 150,000 calls a year.

Boys Town Schools

Boys Town Schools® include school programs operated by Boys Town that help students with learning or behavioral problems to be successful in the classroom. This includes students who are being served by Boys Town programs or have struggled or failed in mainstream schools. Specially trained Boys Town teachers and administrators provide instruction to help meet children's unique learning needs.

Boys Town youth in grades 9 through 12 attend Boys Town High School, while younger children attend Wegner Middle School. Each school offers traditional academic curriculum as well as a number of electives. In each education setting, a social skills curriculum is integrated into academic courses and daily school life. Since many students come to Boys Town years behind their peers in key subject areas, our schools focus on helping them achieve academic success that translates into success in the real world. Boys Town schools maintain a 10:1 student-to-teacher ratio to help ensure individualized attention and student success.

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Boys Town the Education Excellence and Excellence for Drug Prevention awards. The Boys Town Reading Center has developed a nationally recognized curriculum that assesses and helps remediate reading deficiencies in students. On average, students in the reading program gain two years of reading skills for each year of instruction.

Boys Town also offers a wide range of opportunities for students outside the classroom. Athletics and other co-curricular activities are another way to teach life skills, values, and ethics to our students, and are a vital component of our care environment. A Career Center also offers special courses to help students as they prepare to enter the workforce, go to college, or join the military.

Additionally, Boys Town has Day Schools in both Duncan, Nebraska and at our headquarters in Boys Town, Nebraska. Boys Town Day Schools serve students of all ages– kindergarten through 12th grade – who cannot receive education services in a public or alternative school setting because of their behavioral problems and academic deficiencies. Classrooms are designed for students who meet the following criteria: referred by their home school district, are currently struggling with academic or behavioral problems in their present educational setting and currently have social skill deficits. Boys Town Day Schools help students to: increase daily school attendance, decrease problem behaviors and improve academic deficiencies.All teachers and administrators use the Boys Town Education Model®, which promotes teaching values and social skills, and a strong academic education, including Special Education services.

The Day Schools meet all of the requirements of a special education provider and all Boys Town schools are fully accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and the North Central Association, and are internationally approved for the placement of students.

Center for Behavioral Health

The Boys Town Center for Behavioral HealthSM works with children and their families, to identify and treat issues such as depression, anxiety, school problems and ADHD. The clinic offers specialized services including behavioral and psychological assessments, as well as counseling. Clinic staff coordinates care with your primary care physician, teachers and other professionals to provide an inclusive approach to ensure long-term success.

Boys Town Community Support Services

Boys Town Community Support Services provide a wide variety of resources that can help children and families learn how to help themselves, or receive specialized care or education assistance in specific locations. These services can help create a layer of prevention so that children and families don’t need other services within the Integrated Continuum of CareSM in the future.

Ways to Work provides small, short-term, low interest loans to working families with dependent children. The loans are used to help individuals with challenging credit histories to remain in or to move forward in their jobs—a critical asset of financial stability. The vast majority of loans are made for the purchase of modestly priced, used vehicles. In addition to stabilization or improvement in their employment situations, clients have increased their financial literacy, raised their credit rating, heightened their sense of self esteem, and, for those obtaining a vehicle, brought about a significant improvement in their family’s quality of life. 

Care Coordination provides a lifeline to children suffering from mental health issues by connecting them with programs or resources that can provide the best care. In this intensive, family-oriented program, Boys Town Consultants help parents and caregivers access, navigate and monitor the services their children need. 

Parenting Support We've learned a lot about caring for children and families over the past 100 years. All that knowledge has been adapted and made available to all parents online at:

Common Sense Parenting® provides parents and other caregivers with proven techniques that can help them build good family relationships, prevent and correct misbehavior and improve positive behavior. These informative classes are usually presented in the community and at schools. 

The Boys Town Press® produces books, audio products, DVDs, display materials and other resources to assist children, parents, caregivers, educators and other professionals. is a special website that enables and encourages teens to share their problems, concerns and challenges in positive, creative ways and provides access to immediate help in a crisis. Visit 

School-Based Programs provide a variety of training and instruction resources for teachers, administrators and other school staff that can support or enhance an educational environment. Training programs are based on the Boys Town Education Model®, which focuses on skills teaching, relationship building and effective discipline procedures.