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A Century of HELP for every child, STRENGTH for every family, HOPE for every community.

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Since we opened in 1991, Boys Town California has continued to expand its services to meet the needs of troubled children and families in Orange County. Our outreach includes a residential campus of five residential group homes in Trabuco Canyon where boys and girls learn valuable skills that give them a foundation for success. We also provide In-Home Family Services where Boys Town consultants work with at-risk families to ensure they have the supports and skills they need to create and maintain a safe, stable environment for their children. These and other services touch the lives of 48,000 people in California each year.

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Boys Town Family Home Program

Children of all ages receive care from married couples called Family-Teachers® in seven homes, five on our 80-acre campus in Trabuco Canyon and two in Tustin. Many of these children have suffered the trauma of abuse, neglect or abandonment, and have been removed from their homes. Often, they have serious emotional and behavioral problems. Family-Teachers and Assistant Family-Teachers® (who help care for youth in Family Homes) provide compassionate, effective care while meeting the daily needs of each child. In these single-family homes, youth form a family and learn social and independent-living skills that help them find success in school and in their community. The ultimate goal is to reunify children with their families, whenever possible. Children are referred to Family Homes through contracts with state and other agencies.

Boys Town In-Home Family Services®

Parents belong with their children. At Boys Town California, we believe that it should be the goal of every family and child care organization to keep children in their home or reunite them with their family whenever possible. In fact, through our In-Home Family ServicesSM we can help teach families not only how to handle issues after they arise but also how to prevent them from becoming more disruptive. The result: a less traumatic experience for parents and children and more cost-effective, high-value care that aids state governments and society as a whole.

A Commitment to Compassionate Care: In-Home Family Services

At the core of our efforts lies our highly trained Family Consultants. These individuals aid families who are struggling with a variety of challenges from economic hardship, substance abuse, marital issues, family conflicts and others by giving them the parenting skills they need to regain control over their lives. Working with our Family Consultants, family members learn how to create a safe, nurturing home for children, and how to use resources in the community to help them solve problems on their own. Our Consultants are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide support and assistance. The length and intensity of services depends upon a family’s needs and the specific situation.

The Challenge

Child and family care is managed at the state level, and there are numerous challenges that make it difficult to fund these efforts. Nonetheless, Boys Town is working to spread this approach to care throughout the country. We work closely with state governments to help serve parents, families and children who have entered “the system” and work to deliver them the services they need by remaining a family, in their own homes. We are growing our evidence-base for our In-Home Family Services program with the Boys Town National Research InstituteSM, a department of Boys Town dedicated entirely to researching our programs effectiveness on families’ toughest problems. Follow-up studies of Boys Town’s In-Home Family ServicesSM show that, after they received Boys Town’s help, 91% of the families stayed together, 92% of the kids in the families were attending school, and 96% reported that Boys Town had a positive impact on their family. When the family stays together, a child’s success increases dramatically. The child is more focused in school because home is stable and safe. That’s because mom and dad are practicing the skills our Family Consultants taught them and have support whenever they need it. They know they have the power to provide and protect their family.

Behavioral Health Clinic

Aggression, self-harm, anxiety, depression, anxiety, sleep or toileting problems - when your child exhibits these or other problems, your entire family is affected. The Boys Town California Behavioral Health Clinic offers family and individual therapy to children of all ages who have emotional or behavioral problems. If you are concerned about your child's behavior, Boys Town can help. Our staff is bilingual and serves both English - and Spanish-speaking families.

Family Support Services

Compassionate, Effective Support for Families Boys Town California offers the following programs at no cost to any family who resides in Orange County. Parenting Workshops: Common Sense Parenting® workshops build on existing skills to help parent and caretakers learn new ways of dealing with their children’s behaviors. Common Sense Parenting is available to any parent or caregivers of children ages 13 to 18 in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Download more information. Community Support Groups: Groups provide support through sharing personal experiences, listening to and accepting others’ experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks. Families will also learn how to connect with community resources to meet their needs.Download more information. Peer Mentors: Peer Mentoring connects trained Peer Mentors to families with a member who has developed or is at-risk of developing a behavioral or mental health problem. Through weekly contact, Peer Mentors provide information and individualized instructional and emotional support for families in need throughout Orange County. Download more information. Family Matching: Family Matching focuses on creating helpful peer-to-peer relationships between families with a member struggling with mental or behavioral health issues and trained Volunteer Family Mentors who have had similar experiences. Matched families will have an opportunity to attend monthly events with other families to increase support. Download more information. These services are funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency, Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Intervention Division, MHSA/Prop 63.

Boys Town Community Support Services

Boys Town Community Support Services provide a wide variety of resources that can help children and families learn how to help themselves, or receive specialized care or education assistance in specific locations. These services can help create a layer of prevention so that children and families don’t need other services within the Integrated Continuum of CareSM in the future.

Care Coordination provides a lifeline to children suffering from mental health issues by connecting them with programs or resources that can provide the best care. In this intensive, family-oriented program, Boys Town Consultants help parents and caregivers access, navigate and monitor the services their children need. 

The Boys Town National Hotline® (800.448.3000) is a free resource and counseling service that assists youth and parents 24/7, year-round, nationwide. The hotline receives about 150,000 calls a year.

Parenting Support We've learned a lot about caring for children and families over the past 100 years. All that knowledge has been adapted and made available to all parents online at:

Common Sense Parenting® provides parents and other caregivers with proven techniques that can help them build good family relationships, prevent and correct misbehavior and improve positive behavior. These informative classes are usually presented in the community and at schools. 

The Boys Town Press® produces books, audio products, DVDs, display materials and other resources to assist children, parents, caregivers, educators and other professionals. is a special website that enables and encourages teens to share their problems, concerns and challenges in positive, creative ways and provides access to immediate help in a crisis. Visit 

School-Based Programs provide a variety of training and instruction resources for teachers, administrators and other school staff that can support or enhance an educational environment. Training programs are based on the Boys Town Education Model®, which focuses on skills teaching, relationship building and effective discipline procedures.